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11-13 MAY 2021

Martin Chaney


Created to rid the world of bad website experiences, YuzaLab are a website consultancy with a difference.

We kept getting frustrated with websites that were annoying and hard to use. Time and time again we kept finding websites with tiny buttons, unclear product information, unhelpful error messages and pop-ups that get in the way just as you try to click ‘buy now’!
Of course, no one sets out to launch an unusable, annoying website and push their customers into the arms of their competitors.

Businesses spend a lot of time and money marketing their websites and optimising them for search engines. However it is no good driving visitors to your website if it is the equivalent of a rude and grumpy salesman!

So, at YuzaLab we created a suite of services to help businesses eliminate all of these issues and make sure those hard-won website visitors turn into sales or leads.

Our expert usability services identify the pain points specific to your customers, and then we help you fix them.

Find out more about our services at www.yuzalab.co.uk.

Session Title

 Your customers know your faults, do you? (or ‘how to remove the obstacles that cost you sales’)

Session Description

Your customers know your faults, do you? (or ‘how to remove the obstacles that cost you sales’)

See how testing with real users can open your eyes, and learn how growing SMEs, charities and brands are identifying how to increase sales, donations and leads.

In this talk, you’ll see examples of real users epically failing to complete even the simplest tasks on very expensive websites and find out how you can avoid making the same mistakes.