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The ExSE Festival (powered by the BEST Growth Hub) showcases digital innovation for Essex

The ExSE Festival (powered by the BEST Growth Hub) showcases digital innovation for Essex

As a business leader, did you ever imagine that the Global Pandemic would force the digital issue for SMEs?  According to McKinsey & Co, now is the time for ‘bold learning at scale’.  Yeah right, so what does that actually mean?

The COVID-19 crisis has provided us with a sudden glimpse into a future world, one in which ‘digital’ has become central to every interaction.  Whether it be commercial or non-commercial, business or pleasure – digital is here to stay.  Going digital has forced the hand of SMEs almost overnight to innovate and deliver.

In one of McKinsey’s recent European surveys, about 70 percent of top executives from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland said the pandemic is likely to accelerate the pace of their digital transformation.

But right here in little ole Essex, as SME leaders, what could, and should we be doing, to ride the digital wave?

For a start, ExSE is Essex’s first ever virtual business festival and is powered by the BEST Growth Hub.  ExSE is built on a digital platform – and the trend for business exhibitions and conferences is to go digital.  At ExSE, you won’t be short of exhibitors that specialise in different aspects of all things digital.  For example, we’ve got the brilliant Footprint Digital, Climbing Trees, IJYI, Objective IT, Cyberscale and Superfast Essex.  Make sure you visit their exhibition stands and, if you like, you can book a virtual chat with them during the ExSE Festival (11-13 May).

We’ve also got a number of digital-related presentations during ExSE and you can check the speaker programme by visiting www.exse.co.uk.

So, come on Essex!  Let’s fly the digital flag and use ExSE to reassess our digital initiatives.  Let’s consider plans that drive digital innovations for employees, customers, and stakeholders.  Let’s get the digital conversation flowing at ExSE.

In this world, some things will always snap back to how they were before, while others will be forever changed.  Insight from the BEST Growth Hub and ExSE regarding digital innovation, will help get you into pole position for a post-crisis world.

Don’t forget to register free of charge at www.exse.co.uk.

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